Bluebonnet Cabins

& Wildlife Refuge
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A Wilderness Extravaganza
with Luxury Cabins--

Bluebonnet Cabins,  Nature Getaways

on Curly Q Ranch Refuge at 1842 Track Road West, New Ulm, TX

Out of the mouths of babes:  A lovely family with two little girls staying at Lily Ponds Cottage hiked up Curly Q Lane to visit with the animals at the main house.  Gumpy, the ranch's  am-"bassador" dog, who was on his most gentlemanly behavior, greeted them, taking them to pet the ponies, donkeys, and goats.  When asked what was their favorite memory, the older said the baby squirrel.  The three year old said cow poop.  Cow poop!  How cute!  Looking at nature through the eyes of a child is most refreshing! 

(The photograph by Pam O'Brian above is one of raccoon rescues on Curly Q Refuge, part of the non profit, Lone Star Wildlife Rescue.  All donations are very welcome: all of the cabin rental fees go to the care of wildlife on the refuge and maintenance of the cabins offering a view into the world of the wild.)

Come to visit our ponies, donkeys, chickens, longhorns, goats, and more!

Please leave any leftover fruits, meats, and bread for them, and make donations on behalf of Curly Q Ranch Refuge to our non-profit Lone Star Wildlife Rescue.  Wet and dry cat food, dry dog food, sunflower seeds, deer corn, apples, grapes, pecans, walnuts--anything you would like to bring will be most appreciated, and it's all tax deductible.  THANKS SO MUCH!

 Absolutely no smoking, no pets, no fires, [no barbecues without approval due to dry conditions].

Bluebonnet Cabins: 2 rentals--Bluebonnet Cabin, a cedar lodge with a sunset view, and Lily Ponds Cottage, an A-frame with a pond view.

The location of New Ulm, Texas, lies in the center of wonderful towns with history to offer: Columbus, Fayetteville, LaGrange, Round Top, Brenham, Bellville, and Sealy.  Within 20 miles in any direction, you can enjoy the country-road cites and the small town ambiences.  The wildlife ranch with 50 acres of woodland trails offers the ultimate in enjoyment, and coupled with the drives, this vacation becomes incredibly valuable.  Within 4 miles lies The Falls Golf Resort with its Cascades Restaurant, an adventure in gourmet delights with a view of the course and the deer who live there. 

 Experience the wonder of this place for yourself soon!

Special arrangements can be made to have your choice of items available upon your arrival.  Pricing starts at $30.00 plus the cost of the items.

Contact me at or call 713-858-6238 for immediate assistance.