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What Guests Write

Absolutely no smoking, no pets, no fires, [no barbecues without approval due to dry conditions].

The nicest people say the nicest things.


I believe that we are here to appreciate and create: for me, to be a farmer, a seer, a healer.  "Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in," and I, Linda, have been reborn into Thoreau, Whitman, and Dickinson in order to fulfill my sacred mission of giving back as God has given me.

As these folks have come and enjoyed the sacred grace of this wildlife refuge, I pray that they have each returned with increased energy to make this world a better place.



Mrs. Linda, I had a a great time this weekend in the log cabin [Bluebonnet Cabin].  I had a lot of fun feeding the animals.  I also had a great time hiking and tossing food out of the back of your truck.     Sincerely, Connor [10 years old]
P.S.  My favorite animal to feed was the goat.

Thank you, Linda, for letting me your cute little opossum.  I think you should name her Cutie.  I like all your animals.  I like the opossum the most.  She is so cute.  That's why I think you should name her Cutie.  Love, Jaila [8 years old]

Linda, Thanks from all of us, too!  We had a fabulous weekend.  Appreciate everything here and especially your time to share your animals with us.  Jolynn and Craig [parents, family from Mansfield, TX]

Hello all, 9-8-11-11

My wife and I arrived here at "Lily Pond" still holding hands after 19 years, but we had lost our common ground connection.  This land helped us to reset our compass as a couple and rejuvenate our passion for life for each other.  Linda, exposing us to your animals was a joy; though fun to watch, they reminded us that life is hard work with some strife.  We thank you for your hospitality and wish you and your family the best.  Maybe one day we will be back with our children (we have none yet) for another recharge!

Best wishes to all, Willie and Leah, San Antonio

Art and Diana wrote on 8-7-11:

Linda, our experience here has been perfect.  There is such a sense of quiet, and your hospitality has been wonderful.  Thanks so much for the work that you do and the sanctuary you have created.  Just having a chance to wander the trails and look up at night to witness a truly starry sky have left me elated, and I know that my fiancee has greatly enjoyed spending her birthday weekend here.  Hope to see you again soon.                                               Endless love and gratitude, Art.

Dear Linda.  This has been the most wonderful birthday of my life.  Thank you for your hospitality and providing experiences I will never forget.  I had so much fun riding in the back of your truck and visiting all of your animals.  I feel as if I have experienced the best this world has to offer on this short vacation.  It's over too soon, but we will be back.                                  Thank you so much!  Diana

Calvin and Valerie wrote on 7-31-11:

Linda, Thank you so much for extending your hospitality and sharing this beautiful refuge with us!  SUCCESS IS ACTION + VISION: "Plant the acorn and envision the might oak that it will one day become!"

You have done that here with your life and your wonderful refuge!  Congratulations!  We can't wait to see you again in September and to bring family to share this wonderful experience.  Until then..."Fair winds and following seas!"                        Calvin [USN 1983-2008] and Valerie [USN 1990-2011] Jones

[written 7/11/10 by Claire:]
Dearest Linda,
I believe we are all here to connect with others, our surroundings, and the world.  I arrive with my boyfriend, needing to be reminded what it was like to be connected  to others, the world, and God.  As I looked into your eyes upon arrival, I thought to myself, "What a gift of fresh air and what it is like to be present with others."  Your cottage is a gift for those of us who may have forgotten what it is like to be present with another.
                                                                      Thank you for sharing, Claire

Randy wrote on 5-15-11:

Linda, thank you for sharing your beautiful place.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time here!  I will be back and look forward to bringing my wife and two grandchildren as they get older.  They are in Boston and would love to walk through this animal paradise.

Shawna & Mark Maslonka wrote in November,2010:

We visited Curly Q Refuge with our 3 children in November. It was a lovely place, and we had a very relaxing weekend. The kids loved seeing the donkeys and longhorns, and we were honored to be a part of Linda's wildlife release. She released 5 squirrels she had been nursing for several months. My 10-year old enjoyed the wildlife trails, and during one of our walks, we saw a large family of deer just hanging out on the property. The donkeys came over to Bluebonnet Cabin and visited us one night. It was so quiet and peaceful. At night, we could see so many more stars than we can at home! The cabin was comfortable, and it was a great weekend away from the city! We hope to go back soon! Thanks, Mrs. Noah, for sharing your place with us!

David & Debbie Lifshutz, Pasadena, TX wrote:

We have been back to the cabin a number of times. Each time we feel the tension of the city leave us as we enter the grounds. We love the sympony of the frogs on the pond at night and the special visits from the horses and donkeys. We even helped Linda feed baby squirrels that were saved after the hurricaine a few years ago. Linda and David are the perfect hosts..if you want to be alone they don't intrude, but if you want to visit thier animals and Longhorn Jack, they make you feel welcome.

Janie Norman wrote:

Linda and David, Your hospitality, along with the comfortable accomodations, have made my visits to Curly-Q-Ranch a wonderful place to go back-in-time and relax, review, and refocus!

Ram & Zeni of Houston wrote on 4-11-2010:

Beloved Linda, words fail to describe the beauty that I discovered in this place and in your heart! What you have created for others (both men and animals) reflect nothing but absolute love and bliss. Lily Ponds Cottage is one of the most serene spots I have ever seen. This is truly a place for relaxation but even more to feel completely renewed as 'one with nature'. We loved Longhorn Jack and all his companions. I'm sure your baby raccoons and opossums are definitely going to make it because they are in best hands--YOURS--where could they be more secure? Do let us know if there is anything we can do to contribute to your wonderful service. Loved Lily Ponds Cottage but love you even more...

Susan and Gene of Cypress, TX wrote 4-10-2010:

Linda, my husband surprised me with a retreat to New Ulm. And WOW he did a GREAT job finding what turned out to be a little slice of heaven. We enjoyed several long walks, relaxed in the hammock, saw your beautiful longhorns! Thank you for opening this very special place of healing and relaxation. Your hospitality is a perfect match to the very CHARM of Lily Ponds Cottage! Thank you for a resful and blessed week!

Brant & Patti of Houston, TX wrote on 2-13-2010:

Let me start by saying that I looked at the internet for a place to stay, and I have to say, coming here has made my life simple and breath taking. My fiance and I didn't know what to expect, but everything was wonderful. All the home touches that you have here are great. This place is a secret place and the most marvelous one I have seen. Plus, it gave my fiance and me a chance to reconnect with each other without the worries of the world. I just want to say thank you for keeping in touch with us to make sure we got the cabin for one night. Next time, we will stay longer.

Mary and Dale Gallagher from Silsbee, TX wrote on 10-23-2009:

THANK YOU for sharing your piece of paradise with us! We would love to see the Lily Ponds Cottage during each season!

Deb & Rick wrote on 10-14-2009:

Favorite place smack dab between Austin and Houston!

David & Eileen Hendricks wrote on 10-3-2009:

Linda, we really loved this place! It felt as if we were out camping. Lily Pond was a wonderful place for us to return to after our long days in Round Top, Warrenton, Fayetteville for Antique Week. We would stay here over a hotel any time. Next time, I would love to bring our children. They would enjoy the walks, animals, pond...nature! Until next time! Thank you so much!

Sharon & William wrote on 6-30-2009:

Thank you, Linda, for this magical memory. Come here gave us a chance to 'breathe' again. Everything was PERFECT.

Kim and Mike Periou, LaPorte, TX wrote on 6-28-2009:

Dear Linda and David, Well our 'mini' vacation is over, and it was wonderful! We listened to the frogs and the birds! We took the jet ski to Fayette and had a great day! Last night as I was staring into the pond, I saw a bullfrog, head peaking out. I go so excited that I scared him away! There are cardinals everywhere; they have a special memory for me, and seeing them was neat. Yesterday, I saw a hawk, today a woodpecker, bluejay, bluebird, and I believe a tufted titmouse. The cabin is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your oasis with us!

Audrey & Travis from San Antonio wrote on 2-28-2009:

What an amazing cabin and experience. I am so glad we were able to escape the city and celebrate Travis's 29th birthday here! Last night we heard a noise, and the front porch light went out. I was so scared! I pictured a horror movie! Two city kids go to the woods and never make it back! In the end, two donkeys came by to say 'hello'! Thank you so much for allowing us to stay in your little place of heaven. We have never rested so much and felt so relaxed! We will definitely be back and tell all our friends about the cabin. It was such a blessing to be here!

Troy, Summer, Faith-Marie, and Gracie Wathen of Spring wrote 12-24-2008:

What a beautiful time we had at the cottage. Our oldest daughter was at total peace here. It is a joy to watch her here--healing. She is normally anxious, agitated, and extremely impulsive. This place was a really healing place for all you do to make this place holy.

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