Wildlife Petting Zoo for Houston, TX

If you and your loved ones are planning an exciting vacation to Houston, TX, Bluebonnet Cabins is excited to show you all that there is to offer in this wonderful part of the state. In addition to luxurious cabins that can give you the rest and relaxation that you need, Bluebonnet Cabins is excited to offer you a visit to our wildlife petting zoo.

We’re confident that your children and young adults will be eager to see the captivating wildlife that we have at our zoo, and the hands-on experience of feeding and petting the animals is certain to put a smile on their faces. Read on to learn more about our amenities and petting zoo attractions that can make your stay at Bluebonnet Cabins a whole new level of fun.

Safe, Fun, and Adorable Animals

When you choose to book your stay at Bluebonnet Cabins, you put your mind at ease knowing you will be visiting a lovely cabin with an attentive staff. We want to help you enjoy your stay in every way possible as we show you the wonderful wildlife found in Houston. Our cabins and resort are surrounded by beautiful horses, donkeys, and even mall goats that you can interact with.

You can help your child cultivate a love of animals with a fun ride on a horse or by bottle-feeding the young goats. Each part of our petting zoo experience is designed to help you and your loved ones gain an appreciation for the adorable animals found in our state. We ensure that all of our animals are clean, safe, and docile enough to be played with by young children.

If your party has any special accommodations or needs that should be addressed, our friendly staff is ready and able to meet your needs with ease.

Bluebonnet Cabin and Lily Ponds Cottage

Reach out to Bluebonnet Cabins today to learn more about our petting zoo and schedule a visit to one of our beautiful cabins. You can reach us at (713) 858-6238.